Climbing guides

Thanks to our friends you will find complete covered climbing topos to the most popular boulder places of Switzerland, Italy and France, eg. Chironico, Cresciano, Algund, Varazze, and last but not least Fontainebleau.

As each boulder and route has its own exact place in the digital climbing guide book, the orientation between the boulders becomes much easier than ever before. Our built-in compass tool shows you the direction and the distance from the boulders. In this way you will not have any problems with finding even the most hidden sectors in Chironico or boulders in Fontainebleau.

All of our digital climbing guide books are 100% covered in the climbing areas. It means that every topo contains all the known boulders and routes in a crag, with photos and accurate GPS-coordinates.

The content of the application is continuously being extended with boulder and lead crags. For that purpose, we are looking for our keen local climb-mates who can provide us more topos. For more information, see “Partnership” menu.

About our climbing guides

Topoguru mobile climbing guides are always 100% covered in the climbing area. If you download a topo in our app, you will find all the known boulders and routes in your mobile phone. Our climbing guides also contain accurate GPS position for every single boulder or rock, our crag-masters saved the data on the spot. So you can easily find all the boulders with our built-in compass tool, which leads you directly to the boulders.

We have an organic route-marking system, in order to make the topos more user friendly. Each difficulty level has it’s own colour, for example 6a-6c+ boulders are blue lines, 7a-7c+ are orange, etc.

Our goal is to have the most up-to-date topos, our local partners updating the routes regularly. However, if you open or find a new boulder or route, do not hesitate to contact us with a good quality photo and a gps location data.

If you find some nice boulders, you can save it in Topo Guru app to your Wish List. The next time when you are at the crag, it makes easier to find the projects. At the same time, there is a comment box for every route to share useful infos with other climbers.