Our goal is to build a single European topo-database, which contains the photo-based climbing guides of all the major climbing areas. We are searching for our climber partners, who can help us in this mission.

If you are interested in creating and sharing climbing guides, please continue reading.

We are looking for those enthusiast climbers and associations who are committed about good quality rock climbing topos. Our goal is to collect in one database all the major and smaller, local crags in Europe. The Topo Guru app is a perfect frame for sharing the guide books in a modern way. No more heavy guide books, just the mobile in your pocket.

Topo editors do not need to take care of printing the guide books, because everything is available in the application. At the same time, editing and updating topos with new lines is just a few clicks. We share the work and the incomes from in-app purchases with the local climbers, topo-editors. Topo Guru just charges a maintenance fee to cover the development costs. Uplodaing to the database is easy-to-use. The topo-editors just have to provide good quality photos and gps coordinates (enough to save it with mobile phone), the list of the routes and crag information.

Join us, if you:

  • have the topo of one or more crags and would like to make them accessible in the single European climbing database on the basis of your work
  • are a local hero in one or more crags and would like to make topo of the area with our help (we provide all the technical help)
  • are familiar with crag(s) which already has a topo elsewhere. The more the better!
  • have via ferrata topo(s) or the description of hiking routes
  • have local knowledge and interested in a regional representative status

What we provide:

  • a team who is fully committed to climbing
  • dynamic improvements and long-term perspectives
  • easy topo-editing
  • we are dealing with the IT-stuff and the finances (you only have to keep the guides up-to-date)
  • you do not need to handle the development of expensive mobile- and websites, but your topo will reach numbers of people
    the shared climbing guides can be free or paid. If paid, you can set the price.

 If you are interested, please contact us in email or facebook.