About Us

TopoGuru is a solid database with all the useful things what a climber needs: crags, climbing topos, statistics, weather, navigation, etc.
No more heavy guide books in your climbing bag, just your mobile in your pocket.
You can find all the major European crags in our database.

Our Team

Our team consist of not only IT members but also professional rock climbers, who have been doing all types of climbing for more than 20 years. They are national sport team members, keen route setters,  climbing trip organizers and know what is needed for the outdoor trips and the indoor trainings.


Besides the team, we have a lot of climber-friends from all over Europe, who also help us to improve TopoGuru better and better.

Our Vision

“Every digital gadgets in one place what is needed for climbing.” This was the founding thought, which became reality for 2016. This has led us when we produced the TopoGuru. Why should you do everything connected to climbing at eight different surface with eight different registration? Wan’t is great to deal everything in one surface? (more…)

Latest News

Climbing Guides

New release for the 2020 season

Dear All! Thank you so much for your user feedbacks, it is really helpful for us to make our mobile climbing guides better. During early spring you can update Topoguru …
Fontainebleau climbing

Winter developments

During the climbing season our focus was on climbing and visiting new crags. We’ve had a great time and also met many enthusiast local climbers. These nice memories refilled our …
Android climbing guide

New Android version available

Dear Climber Friends, We have received a lot of useful reviews about the app. Thanks to you we decided to change some functions and make your experience better. Today we …