Video upload

Topo Guru video upload tool

Since the latest release you have the possibility to upload your climbing videos to the Topo Guru YouTube channel, directly from Topo Guru app. You don’t have to waste your time with transferring files and editing videos on your laptop.

How does it work?

We have developed a unique tool for climbers, based on your feedbacks. Many of you asked if it’s possible to create somehow a climbing video collection, where climbers can easily share and store beta videos about hard/nice/new ascents.

The new video tool works easily in Topo Guru app: you can either record a video in the app or choose an existing file from your Videos folder.

After uploading your video to Topo Guru’s server, we make an automated editing process, while your video gets a description with climbing info (route, grade, crag, climber, date of climbing) and a stock music. Original sound is not available on YouTube (so you can scream like Adam).

Video requirements

The video has to match our requirements:

  • Maximum video size is 1 Gb
  • Maximum video duration is 5 minutes
  • Minimum acceptable and suggested video quality is Full HD (1920*1080)

Before recording a video with your mobile device, please make it sure that the quality setting is good.
On the other hand, please note that a 5 minuntes 4k quality video is bigger size than 1 Gb, this is why we suggest to use Full HD recording.

Uploading process

After uploading your video our team is going to check your video, if it fits our Privacy Policy. You can follow your videos’ status in Topo Guru app / Profile / My videos. The video can have several status messages:

  • Uploaded: your video has been uploaded to our server and it’s under inspection
  • Accepted: the video fits our requirements, soon going to be published on Topo Guru’s YouTube channel
  • Declined: the video doesn’t fit the requirements. In this case you should upload it again (with necessary modifications)
  • Published: your video is available on Topo Guru’s YouTube channel and in the app as well

If you have any further questions or concerns about a video, please contact us.