Beach 27b

Magic Wood climbing guide

We are proud to introduce the TopoGuru Magic Wood climbing guide, what is available in the applications. You can download the whole crag or pick one or more sectors, if you arrive for a shorter time. Our offline topo-system is a big help in Switzerland, as mobile data usage is not required outside the EU borders on the swiss networks, while the GPS-navigation and the built-in compass tool is still working.


The Magic Wood climbing guide contains all the 300 blocs with 400 quality topo pictures and GPS-coordinates to every boulder to help you navigating in the valley.


If you are a first time visitor in Magic Wood, we recommend to start your climbing in the Bach or Beach sectors, which are just 5 minutes walk from the campsite. Approaching the higher sectors is a bit more tricky because of the steep hillside and the crowded blocs. You can use the overview map in the app to find the upgoing paths.