Welcome to our short survey about climbing and topo-using habits.

Please help us in 30 seconds, to make the TopoGuru app better.

1) When did you start climbing?
2) On average, how often do you climb? (both indoor and outdoor)
3) What is your climbing level?
4) Which do you do most of the time? (Pick max 3)
5) Which countries do you prefer for climbing trips? (Pick. max. 4)
6) How likely are you to use a mobile app for topos, instead of books?
7) Which do you use?
8) What type of climbing gear do you buy online?

9) What climbing contents are you interested in?

10) Where do you live? (Country and/or city)
11) How old are you?
12) Please let us know, if you have any ideas, wishes. We are on to create the most useable mobile app for climbers.

Our team tries to work out each frequently occured idea:
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