“Every digital gadgets in one place what is needed for climbing.”This was the founding thought, which became reality for 2016. This has led us when we produced the TopoGuru.Why should you do everything connected to climbing at eight different surface with eight different registration? Wan’t is great to deal everything in one surface?With the TopoGuru our aim is to make an universal climbing app where you can find everything in the same place. The purpose is to make all off the stuffs available for every climber on mobile.The basis of our database is a single European topo-store, which contains the pictures-based topos of each climbing place.Beyond this, many useful stuffs are attached which every climber needs, like saving your climbed routes, training calendar, list of indoor gyms, navigation, wheather forecast.Our aim is to produce a pretty useful climbing app, to which everyone can add his own ideas. This is why we are looking forward to your opinion or ideas.Help us: Fill out our 30 sec-survey to let us know your wishes.Work with us: For more info, please visit our Partnership page.