How we start it?

Topo Guru, where it comes from and what does it mean? The Topo expression in English is meaning the map. A map that is a non-urban street but a route a path a vertical lane in nature. And the guru is meaning teacher or master. So the topo guru is the master of boulders and routes in the modern way in your hand.Some years ago Bálint -one of the founders- went to a long climbing trip. He made his routine. Put everything in a bag what he need and made a plan. If you want to know how hard is your route you have two choice. Bought a book from a local shopwhich has hundreds of trip or if the book out of stock (usually happens), try to ask a friend to give you his piece. But the book is heavy. This is the first preference of the topo guru. Easy and you don’t need nothing else just your phone. The topo guru is an application with all the climbing paths in it what you can download to Andorid or iOS. In Europe, approximately 2000 cragis the way but these cragsare constantly expanding in life and in the application. Our goal is to have the major and all the smaller crags in one database, with easy-to-use mobile access.The soul of the topo guru is the rock climbing map. The crags  are 100% covered, you can find every boulder or route. At the same time, we regularly update our databases with the help ol local climbers. All the boulders and  walls are photographed and measured by GPS coordinate. So it’s not a pig in a poke. Each photo has draw a route where you can climb and the lane has different color which indicate the route grade.  From the point of view of targeting, the topo guru can be great help for beginners in applying  as the 8b professionals would find every information and have an ultimate tool in their pocket.The other big benefits of the topo guru is the navigation. If you choose the boulderwhat you want to climb you can use it to lead you to the starting point and you don’t need to roam and waste your time in different path.We have the exact GPS coordinates of all boulders, so the built-in compass tool can lead you there.If you climb a route you can already save in to your personal climbing log and post it on facebook. The next version of topo guru the user can see each other directly what They’ve been posting and getting a note from it.The future aim of the application is to cover the site of the largest cragsat European level, and we continually seek local climbers who are happy to help us to make the topo guru for a better application.The third big advantage of topo guru is that it is possible to buy only one or two sectors, not a complete map like a book. If you go to a climbing trip, usually you don’t have time to spend weeks in there, so why take yourself a book if you can buy just what you need. Cheaper and easier way. But finally if you want to convince yourself with the benefits just try a route with topo guru. You can download from Google Play store or Apple App store.